Purchase Info

SMALLC~2Occasionally I will build a piece from an idea and offer it for sale but most of the time the pieces I make are made to fill a request from a customer.  I use my skills and know how to build a piece that fits your needs and wants.  Unfortunately I don’t have the space or budget to keep an inventory of finished pieces on hand.  Maybe someday…

Shop Visits

If you find yourself drawn to what I make and are serious about making a purchase, I strongly recommend you first make a visit to my shop.  You can not only see how I make things firsthand but there are numerous pieces in the house including several of the items in the pictures here on the website.

ALDERC~1Since my shop is part of my house I prefer to make this by appointment only.  It also makes sure I will be home at the time so you don’t make a wasted trip.  It will be nice to someday have a storefront but right now that is just not the case.  My shop is on Whidbey Island in Washington state if you are in the area, just get ahold of me first through the email address listed below or on the contact page.  And you don’t need to go on a boat ride unless you want to, there is a bridge at the north end of the island or a state ferry at the south.

House Calls

Yes I still make them.  I have been known in the past for coming to you if that is more convenient.  It also gives me a better idea of just where a particular piece is going to end up.  Allows me to make a cabinet or piece of furniture that better fits in with it’s surroundings.

UNFINI~1 bwOrdering Furniture and Cabinets

Every piece of furniture I make starts with an idea, sometimes it’s my idea or it could be yours.  I don’t need a lot to go on, most of the time it starts with just what the use of a piece is.  Form follows function at it’s most basic.

Made to order and custom are both terms I don’t like so maybe made to idea or request would be better… or just call it what it is, handmade.  Ordering a piece of handmade furniture is new to most people and really is not difficult.  And you will probably have a lot of questions so be sure to ask them.

But this doesn’t mean that just because someone dreamed it up I will make it.  Like most craftsmen I do have a style I tend to work within so there are self imposed limits to what I will make.  I have to like it to make it.


I don’t have a price list because everyone’s wants are so different and the cost of wood is constantly changing.  Once you have an idea of what you may want and we can agree on what the finished piece should look like, I can give you a fixed price.   And by fixed, I mean just that.  It is not an estimate but a final price that I will stand behind.  I have done this long enough to know what I need out of my time and wood is a set part of a project.  Sorry, I don’t give ballpark prices.

There are only a few things I need to know in order to give you a price.  I need a general idea of  what you want, approximate size and what you might like to see it made of, light or dark wood, etc.  I don’t need to know exact dimensions or construction details as that is what you are paying me for.   I do need to know what type of wood you might like because the choice of wood can drastically effect my material costs.


If you are serious I frequently will do a drawing just to make sure you are on the same page as I am.  Do take into account that what is in your minds eye may not be a match for mine.  That’s the point of my doing sketches.  Also consider that what appears in a sketch will invariably have some variation from the finished piece.

Shipping and Delivery

Delivery is available, I might even include it depending on what is purchased and how far I have to drive.  I do own a trailer just for TRAILERdoing so.   If the piece has to be shipped a long distance or overseas I will crate the item free of charge but if the shipping company wants to crate the item themselves (not unheard of) I can’t afford to pay for that.  I will deliver an item to a shipper in Seattle, WA at no cost.


I have always hated the money part of things.  I try to work without deposits as much as I can.  I prefer to work this way.  At most I would need a deposit to cover material costs which is usually around 20% of the total cost of a piece.  This allows me to buy wood and hardware and to set aside the time to make the piece.  The balance is due upon completion and at that time I can make delivery or shipping arrangements.

And this brings up a point I made earlier, the part about not making something I don’t like.  What this means is that if for some reason you don’t like the finished piece you are not obligated to take it.  No questions asked.  I will even return a deposit once I sell the piece to someone else.  This is just another way I stand behind everything I make.

I have a PayPal account so purchases can be handled with credit cards.   Personnel checks are OK but I would need time for them to clear the bank.

If you are looking for something that I can help with send me an email,  tonykonovaloff@hotmail.com