Kids and the Shop

Kids and the shop

Like a lot of folks I find balancing family and shop time is not the easiest thing to do. Fortunately my boys enjoyed being in the shop with me and with rare exception did I ever have to chase them out.  Mostly this has to do with how I work.  I have never been able to explain just why I work entirely by hand but when Benjamin,  Jeremiah and Caleb were with me, I am thankful that I do.

Early on they learned just what they can and cannot pull out of my toolbox, chisels are a no-no, hammers, tapes etc. are OK and the putty knife is popular.  It does not matter what I am working on whether planing boards, cutting dovetails or chopping mortises they are welcome to be there with little danger to body parts or health.

What was the biggest surprise to me though is how easily they fell asleep at my feet regardless of how much noise I was making.  I guess they found my shop a pretty peaceful place when they were much younger.

Nowadays, they have their own bench and wood supply which keeps them occupied most of the time.  Occasionally they will pester me beyond belief but I think this is just because they are kids.

Besides, I don’t think I could keep my shadow, Caleb, out of the shop for anything.  If I was in the shop so was he.

And if this is not reason enough to keep working with hand tools I don’t know what is.